Three demos and a baby

Once upon a time...

...We spent our days living in two different worlds. One where we kept all things workplace related; and another, completely separate, where our offspring would shout:

"Mum/Dad, I need a poo",

again and again, at the top of their voice.
Today those two worlds have very much collided and working practices over the last 12+ months have shifted significantly as a result.
Our team meetings have often been invaded, either by the physical presence, or vocal clues, of other littler beings, just a door handle away.
On the demo front - We've had customers that have needed three calls, where previously they would have had one. Each demo being brought to an impromptu close with the recipient needing to stop to offer unexpected childcare.

We are no longer alone - these worlds have joined. But isn't that amazing?

As a society, we have had some rough hits over this last year but there are also some wonderful positives to find amongst the debris.
Businesses are being forced to relax and show their personality, warts and all. For us, that's been great, especially for our demos. We see them as a chance to chat, get to know someone new and see if there's a mutual fit.
We always have.
What's great now, is that when a new face joins us on a Teams call, they're already accustomed to that approach, having experienced it twenty times previously since this all began.
Our CRM may be all-encompassing but that doesn't mean our demos need to be. We more than welcome the potential family invasion and if you need, we can tailor our demos so that even your two-year-old can enjoy it.
So if you would like to book a demo with us don't worry about having to bring the tribe along.
We'll take you through it all.
Once, twice or three times.
All in baby steps.

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