"The Wire" vs. CRM Support

Receiving support for a CRM can be a bit like watching the TV show The Wire. You’re sure that what you’re seeing on screen is of the highest quality, yet you’re unable to follow exactly what’s going on.

Learning how to use a powerful CRM for the first time can be daunting enough without any additional language barriers and it doesn’t matter how good the software is if users can’t understand how to use those awesome features.

Which brings us nicely back to The Wire – The TV show is generally held aloft as “The greatest of all time” but most find it an incredibly hard watch due to the thick Baltimore accents and complex dialect.

...CRM support requests in the world of The Wire might read:

"We're ON THE SHELF, MOUNTING UP for A DUNKER of a CRM. Enlighten us on a customer's 10–29 and send a quote, so we can OUTTIE 5000? YOU FEEL ME?"

(roughly translated: We're in the office and ready to use your wonderful CRM. Could you please tell us how we can check a customer's record and send them a quote? Then we can all go home on time. Does that all make sense?)

Like The Wire, UtilityClick may or may not be “The greatest of all time” (we think it probably is…) but thankfully we take the “Daphne from Fraser” approach on language.

When choosing something as integrated as a CRM you need to ensure that the company you choose can speak your language. Not just during the sales process when everything is rosy but when things get serious and concise support is vital.

That’s why we’ll get you started by talking to you and your team with terminology they’ll understand. What’s more, we offer phone support FREE with every subscription – real people, speaking your language, available when you need it most.

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