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Create your own energy price comparison website through Tickd, then manage it all through our industry-leading CRM system. Integrate your own supplier relationships or push contracts through Tickd’s panel of suppliers.

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Key Features:

  • Allow your customers to generate their own quotes.
  • They choose a deal that suits them.
  • Contracts signed, all online.
  • Combine with your own special pricing.

  • In-built credit referencing process to ensure quotes are pre-qualified.
  • Can be adapted to a telesales journey.
  • Track, Convert and Report from one CRM system.

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    Development Update - June 2021

    June has most definitely been a 'SPEED' month here on the dev team.

    We love these tasks - they're not necessarily about adding a new feature but finding creative ways to make a process quicker.

    When looking to subscribe to a new software package, primarily you're looking to see if it does A, B or C. However the often-forgotten element is: How quickly can it do A, B or C? If your software is slow, it not only adds time to a task, but breaks your rhythm too.

    Read on to learn how we've engaged the afterburners for our users by adding bulk management tools and adapted the way our system exports data.

    Speedier Data Exports

    If you have a lot of data loaded then system exports can take a long time to be ready. We've rewritten each module using pure SQL code, which means requested exports will now complete much faster.

    Built for: UKUSA

    Bulk Reassigning Customers

    We realise the unnecessary admin required if you need to make wholesale changes to a customer. We've now made it super easy for you to bulk reassign customers based on changes to your team.

    Built for: UKUSA

    Other bits and bobs...

    We've also added the following other bits and bobs...

    "Business Type" added to Data Export

    A new column has been added to Sales Export to help differentiate between Custom/Bespoke and Matrix opportunities.

    Built for: UKUSA

    New "Lost" Status

    When managing your Pipeline and selecting a deal status of "Lost Contract" - a new "Duplicate" option can now be selected for "Reason for Loss".

    Built for: UKUSA

    Scottish Power Pricing Zones Updated

    We fixed an issue with Scottish Power pricing where gas quotes needed amending depending on Zone Type.

    Built for: UK

    Verbal Script Commission Warning

    We've added an optional feature when generating a verbal script. You can now prefix a script with an additional disclaimer, explaining the process of adding a commission rate to any deal.

    Built for: UKUSA

    "Referral Partner" field added to Customer template

    When bulk uploading customers you can now include a "Referral Partner" that will subsequently be shown within the system. Download the latest customer template from your Admin area to use.

    Built for: UKUSA


    Currently, making a customer inactive does not automatically make associated meters inactive. This optional feature will ensure that any sites and meters associated with an inactive customer are also set to inactive.

    Built for: UKUSA

    Non-UC Admins Can Delete Failed Imports

    User levels below Admin are now able to remove any failed data imports.

    Built for: UKUSA

    Improved Referral Partner Export

    We've sped up your workflow by allowing the month and year fields to be left blank when running a "Referral Commissions" export. If left blank all available data will be exported.

    Built for: UKUSA

    That’s it for this month.

    Our software evolves at such an exciting rate so please feel free to get in touch to discuss any of the functionality we’ve added since you last saw it. We’ll be more than happy to arrange a demo to show you around!

    Advantage Utilities Partnership

    We're delighted to announce our new partnership with Advantage Utilities.
    Advantage Utilities are constantly pushing the boundaries and evolving their focus. From winning the Wellbeing award at the 2020 TELCAs, to championing reductions in their customers' carbon footprint - they are acutely aware of the dangers of standing still.
    In September 2020, they embarked on another step of their evolution, this time regarding their internal technology - selecting a new CRM to replace existing software within their business.
    After diligently reviewing the market for an energy-specific system that shared their ethos, they chose UtilityClick.
    Since then, both businesses have worked closely, ensuring that the implementation process was executed successfully. Here is what they both had to say:
    The team at UtilityClick had this to say:

    "We were delighted to be selected as the preferred software provider for Advantage Utilities. They are one of the top TPIs in the country and go about things in the right way for their customers. They share our principles with respect to how the energy industry is changing and why servicing end-user customers is more than just about giving them the best price.

    Our system is continuing to evolve to become as automated and efficient as possible. Not just on procurement, but across bureau and energy management services too. Advantage Utilities provide first-class, comprehensive services to their customers and we’re really excited to be working with a professional, future-focussed, friendly company who can help us to continue to enhance our system."

    Advantage Utilities had this to say:

    "After using various connected systems to manage our business for 20 years we had been looking at ways of achieving more efficiencies, streamlining systems, consolidating our data and finding faster ways to service our customer base within the business. After much research and testing in the market we decided to deploy UtilityClick as our preferred software partner.

    From the very first introduction the team at UC were both very knowledgeable and understanding of us and our requirements. The software has allowed us to centralise all our data, speed up the time it takes to produce quotes and allowed us to incorporate our complex energy financial statements directly into the system when this used to take weeks.

    Although we are still a relatively new partner, UC have already made several changes to the software that we require and work with us on a daily basis to improve the functionality. I look forward to working with UC for many years to come and advise anyone looking at Utilities Broker software to speak with UtilityClick."

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