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Managing Bespoke Pricing

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Andy Hunter

About me

  • Thrill seeker
  • 18 years in the industry
  • 13 years working for TPIs
  • Co-founded UtilityClick 5 years ago
  • The elephant in the room
    (we sell a CRM)

Consider your company structure


  • Right people in the right places. Sales sell / Admin administrate.
  • Make sure good processes are in place for the flow of requests between teams.
  • What systems do you have in place to help you with pricing?


  • Up to date list of sites, meters, accounts and contract end dates.
  • Complete market analysis with your customers.
  • Get “commitment” prior to issuing the pricing requests.

It's all about the prep

Make your pricing requests simple


  • Suppliers struggle with pricing. Don’t give them an excuse to mess up.
  • Minimise changes to the request once it’s gone out to suppliers.
  • Keep it as clean as possible – start dates / company structures etc.


  • Will the customer decision-maker be available?
  • Do you have availability in your team to manage the pricing requests?
  • Avoid Monday’s and Fridays!

Consider carefully your pricing return dates

Presenting your quotes


  • Have a set time to present quotes to your customers.
  • Check, check, check!
  • Consider your customers “commitment” requirements to help with sign down.
That's All Folks

In Summary

  • It’s a team effort
  • Make it as easy as possible for suppliers to price.
  • Know your customer and prepare your price presentation accordlingly.
  • Diligently prepare your pricing exercise, it will pay off!
  • Carefully choose the date that pricing will be returned.