BILL VAL just received a big box of upgrades and it’s only going to get better.

At the beginning of 2021 we released Phase I of our new Bill Val product and we were rather delighted by the response. We received some brilliant feedback and since then we’ve been developing many of the requested features.

Remind me again...

What does it do?

We’ve designed it to be as simple as possible – It’s a tool that allows you to upload bill data files direct from the supplier straight to our system. Once uploaded our system systematically examines each entry to ensure it’s correct.

In short, it enables you to give your clients peace of mind that their bills are thoroughly checked prior to payment.

Tell me then...

What's new?

The most significant improvement we’ve made is to the upload process. No longer will you have to ensure you have the right datasheet format for the right supplier. We’ve developed one magic generic template that will work no matter the supplier or their format.

Additionally, we’ve made the system much easier to use. The error messaging has been drastically improved, meaning that if the system does spot a problem it’ll be instantly apparent where and why.