It would give us more sales and less paperwork

UtilityClick say:

Remove the admin in dealing with an ever-growing stack of paperwork, consumption requests, queries, invoicing and payment. UtilityClick offers instant generation of the data required to streamline the commission process to free up your time.

They’re 100% independent so there’s no conflict of interest

UtilityClick say:

We have never and will never make a penny from brokering energy. If you’re using another CRM that specialises in the Broker industry, there’s a very good chance that they’ll also make money from brokering deals.

We believe this cross-contamination of data and industry insight is impossibly unjust. With UtilityClick there is no conflict of IP and YOUR data will never be used for anything other than fulfilling your own deals.

They’re constantly evolving and release improvements every week.

Plus we could ask them to build any useful features that we think are missing.

UtilityClick say:

We believe our system is never ‘complete’. We have dedicated developers who continually improve the system by enhancing user experience, adding features and accelerating the platform.

We don’t charge for our improvements and if you have any truly useful features that are missing, then we can build that for you too.

We’ll get live reporting giving us full day-by-day visibility.

If we need to switch our sales focus, this will tell us.

UtilityClick say:

Use data to inform business decisions – Instantly see statistics and charting of performance, targets, commissions and other key performance indicators. See each team’s performance for the last week; account conversion rankings, sales leader boards…

The whole team can use this collaboratively, wherever we are in the world.

UtilityClick say:

Recent events mean being able to work from home is even more important. Access your entire portfolio from wherever you are – at home, on the train, even on a plane!

It will always be available, night or day.

UtilityClick say:

We invest heavily in infrastructure, which has resulted in 99.999% uptime over the last 12 months. A dedicated and long-standing development team keep things not just ticking over but are enhancing the system on a daily basis.

We can call them when we get stuck and talk to real people.

UtilityClick say:

Customer Support is vital. Our support staff are available through our ticketing system and on the phone during business hours. Phone support from our experienced, industry-savvy team is included FREE with every single subscription.

They can work with us to find a price/solution that fits our budget

UtilityClick say:

We get it, you want to know for your bottom line. In truth, we aren’t the cheapest… but know that no one else offers more ‘value’. Our pricing is subscription and user-based. Each customer requirement is usually very different from the last, hence why we don’t publicly list our bracketed pricing.

If pricing is the primary decision maker for your business then talk to us and tell us straight off the bat. We won’t hide from it and more often than not we can find a solution that works.

Don’t see a feature you require? Not all elements are listed – contact us to check.

If there’s a useful feature that doesn’t exist within UtilityClick, there’s a very good chance we’ll build it. Check our timeline of feature builds and see how often we upgrade
(spoiler alert: it’s a lot!)