Grab Price After Price After Price...

Quickly generate  a variety of supplier quotes

Generate thousands of quotes at the touch of a button and pick from any number of suppliers.

It's Your Commission

You deserve to keep it

Unlike other energy pricing tools, we do not take a cut of any of YOUR deals. PRICED is and always will be free. We look to make our money from offering useful additional add-ons.

Even More Features

...than you can shake a stick at

Supplier Pricing Files

No more Excel files. We manage ALL of your supplier pricing files!

Single Site Quoting

Generate single-meter quotes for ALL of your suppliers and products.

Easy Supplier Connect

Don’t have a relationship with a certain supplier? We integrate with aggregators who can help!

Reporting Presented Perfectly

PDF quote results straight from the system.

Contract Generation

Instantly create completed supplier contracts with the click of a button.

Smart Thinking

Commission Banding, Maximum Caps, DD Discounts all taken care of.

Add even more power with

Optional Add-Ons


Extend PRICED into a dedicated CRM tool that can keep on top of renewals providing total visibility of your business.
Store every meter and site for easy tendering, whilst aligning end dates and building your contacts.


Extend the functionality of PRICED to manage all of your commissions and open up vital reporting tools.
Adapt, calculate and reconcile all of your commission requests to better monitor business performance.

Meter Lookup

Save time on setting up new sites with data pulled directly from source. You can even check the current supplier, MOP and DC.
Reduce rejected sales due to cleaner data with no minimum volume commitment.

Support Where You Need it

Email support with supplementary online video training

We’ve made PRICED as intuitive as possible for beginners to learn. What’s more we offer video training courses FREE so you can ensure newcomers get up to speed quickly and efficiently.

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Base costFREE
(Includes one user license and email support)



LITE CRM$175 Per Month
Commission Add-on$175 Per Month
Elec & Gas Lookups£0.30 Per Lookup
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