TPIs, the times they are a changing.

The ADR scheme is launching soon and, to help you get ready for this, we have developed a brand new Customer Portal!

An ADR-Ready Transparent Portal...

Brand It Your Way

Your very own white-labelled customer portal with user experience in mind! With commission disclosure now mandatory, let our portal help you present to your customers everything you do for them.

Your Brand for Your customers...

Zero Development Required

Whatever your corporate identity, OUR smart energy software can be YOUR smart energy software.

Reduce Your

Cost To Serve

Revolutionise your query management process. Allow your customers to create tasks and complaints directly through the portal.

Better Query Management...

A triple threat. Become leaner, compliant and more efficient all at the same time. Open up a better dialogue with your customers, increase their reliance on your services and present transparent upselling opportunities under one roof.

Show Your True Value

You do so much for your customers. You get them the best prices. You analyse their invoices. You help them to reduce their energy. You’re helping them on their Net Zero journey.

Present HH Energy Usage...

Beautiful Carbon Reporting.

...And Manage Contract Renewals.

Increase Customer Retention

Present all of your services to the customer in one place and they’ll never want to leave you!

It's Time To Put Your Cape On...

Get A Super hero

A Super hero

Customer Portal

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