August has been all about data, data and more data. Both improving the way our software handles it and helping customers import large quantities of it (you may have even seen our recent social post containing advice on how to prepare to transfer it!).

On the handling of it - We've expanded and improved our Data Imports considerably in recent times (the Data Imports module allows our customers to bulk-add information from an external spreadsheet or CSV). Each time we add a new field within our software, we need to ensure that the Data Imports module is updated so that it can accept the new field from a bulk import too.

Regularly expanding our software capabilities to reflect an ever-changing industry is one of the qualities that we believe sets us apart. However, it does mean imports that have previously uploaded successfully might need to be adapted to reflect any recent changes.

Users can always download the latest template directly from the Data Imports section to ensure imports are formatted correctly and if a data import does fail, the system will present feedback (found in the 'Details' column) as to why it can't be read.

Data Import PDF Helpsheet

In this data-heavy dev update, we've put together a quick PDF helpsheet containing some common reasons for an import failure, together with some helpful tips on ensuring your next data import is a successful one.

Other bits and bobs...

We've also added the following other bits and bobs...

New Live Split Reconciled Supplier Payment Term

When setting the payment term for a contract you can now select 'Split Reconciled at 18 Months' and choose to have a percentage of the total contract consumption allocated at the 'Live Date' stage. This is as well as the previously available option to allocate at the 'Sign Date' stage.

Built for:

Smart Filtering Between Your Active and Inactive Users

Throughout our software (user-level dependent) you can filter information by associated users. E.g. Within the Leads module, you're able to filter leads that are associated with a particular Account Manager. We've updated this account filter dropdown so it's now clear which users are active and which are inactive.

That’s it for this month.

Our software evolves at such an exciting rate so please feel free to get in touch to discuss any of the functionality we’ve added since you last saw it. We’ll be more than happy to arrange a demo to show you around!