You may have seen from social media that UtilityClick has been growing significantly. Here on the dev team, we're happy to say that this expansion has also bled over into our department, as this month we welcomed two new senior .Net developers.

It's been an enjoyable few weeks getting them up to speed and they'll soon be ready to be let loose on the big projects.

Whilst they get up to speed with the system, we've been working hard on a particularly meaty assignment - upgrading our dashboards and reporting. It's really exciting to see it develop but it's not quite ready to be pushed for release just yet. There's been plenty of development on other fronts though; read on to see what we've released in July...

Meter Lookup With MPAN

We've added the ability to search for a site or meter location by MPAN. The whole process has been completely streamlined allowing you to now use either a postcode or meter. Once located, you can add the site directly from the search results. Watch a quick video on it here.

Built for: PRO CRM (UK Only)

Authenticate With Microsoft

We've added an optional extra so that teams can now authenticate to the majority of our services via an existing Microsoft login and password. Authentication changes to your account will require setup time so please speak to your account manager and we'll schedule a future date & time.

Create Commission Overviews

Previously when adding a new supplier you would need to add your own Commission Overviews for each addition (the commission overview section is where our customers upload commission information). Now, if you visit Analytics > Commissions > and click the "New Entry" button, there's a new option labelled "Create Missing Commission Overviews".

Built for: PRO CRM

Other bits and bobs...

We've also added the following other bits and bobs...

Improved History Logging For Contract Live Dates

Within your CRM PRO there's a history log of what's been changed by your team. We've expanded the logging within the contract details view, so amendments to live dates (via the termination and registration tab) are now recorded.

Built for: PRO CRM

Hide Annual Cost/Diff in PDF Quotes

An optional feature has been added to allow "Total Cost" and "Annual Diff" columns to be hidden when generating a PDF from an Instant Quote. This option can be turned on so that admin users are able to control its visibility within their account (under Admin>Settings).


Flat File Version Visibility

Admin users can now see the Flat File version information that's being used to generate pricing. Useful for understanding when prices were last updated.


Add New Capacity Charge Type (£/kva/day)

Some suppliers (e.g. Npower) include a capacity charge in units of £ kVa/d. We've now included this value so it's visible and exportable in our quoting tool.

Built for: PRO CRM (UK Only)

That’s it for this month.

Our software evolves at such an exciting rate so please feel free to get in touch to discuss any of the functionality we’ve added since you last saw it. We’ll be more than happy to arrange a demo to show you around!