This month we reluctantly said goodbye to the football season, and now we need something else to fill our weekends with…so, we've set ourselves the mammoth task of adding even more suppliers to our rapidly expanding BILL VAL service.

Our developers have already mapped a huge amount of bills this month and because of this we welcomed eight new suppliers to the system, but we’ve got many, many more lined up for future months. What's more, as the format of bills change continuously (thanks for that suppliers 😉) we will continue to monitor and update our mapping accordingly.

For our US customers, we’ve not forgotten you. Upgrades are being made all the time to improve your journey through the UI and this month we’ve looked at how the system can help manage rolling contracts better. Additionally, we’ve put our new vocab knowledge to good use and updated your exports so that they actually make sense to you.

For this and other new features, read on for our May Development Update...

More Bill Val mapping completed!

It’s been a busy one for the BILL VAL devs!

On top of all their other tasks they’ve managed to map eight completely new supplier bills, as well as re-map existing bills (that have been amended from their previous setups)

This month we welcome:Corona (Gas and Electricity)Ecotricity (Electricity)E.On Next (Electricity)Smartest (HH)Regent (Gas) andUnited Gas & Power (Gas and Electricity)to our BILL VAL Native Format family.

Keep an eye out because there’s even more lined up for the coming months.

Built for: BILL VAL

Rolling Contracts: Auto-Update

We thought it would be great if our system took out some of the manual work when it comes to rolling contracts, so we created a new deal status called 'Residual'.

When a contract with this deal status comes to within 30 days of its Live End Date, our system will automatically update the Live End Date to 30 days in the future, meaning you don’t need to manually oversee the live end dates for automatic renewals.

Built for: PRO CRM (US Only)

US Exports Updated

We're always learning - UK and US energy industries use very different vocabulary and we are doing our best to maintain linguistic accuracy when it comes to these international differences.  We've recently updated our exports on the US system and replaced the UK units and column titles to actually make sense in the US, sorry about that guys!

Built for: PRO CRM (US Only)

Team Member's Access To BILL VAL

Up until recently, only SuperAdmin users could access BILL VAL but we've recognised the need to offer visibility to your Team Members too, so now when you add a new team member to your system, you can decide whether the user needs access to BILL VAL or not.  This keeps important restrictions in place for other admin areas of your system, whilst still allowing teams to import and validate bills.

Built for: BILL VAL

That’s it for this month.

Our software evolves at such an exciting rate so please feel free to get in touch to discuss any of the functionality we’ve added since you last saw it. We’ll be more than happy to arrange a demo to show you around!