How many candles are we burning?


Yes, we’re 5 years old!
It's hard to believe half a decade ago UtilityClick was just an idea from the inside of a South London flat.
Fast forward to today and our software is used to procure over 2.8 TWh every year.
Or to put it another way -
That's 350,000,000 candles*
So you could say we're burning 350 million candles (our design team told us that was too many to illustrate).
Ok, enough talking...
How do I get my free birthday cake?
Book a demo and we'll send you some cake to enjoy whilst we take you through the system.
What better way is there to spend 20 minutes than eating cake and finding out how the UtilityClick system can run tenders, progress leads, or forecast your commissions?
Just enter your address details when booking your demo below and we'll send you the cake to join us in our celebrations (no tricks, just lovely tasty cake).
Give Me Cake and Book A Demo
*1 candle = 8 kWh

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