Suppliers, Get In Front of 250+ TPIs

CONNECT provides an integration with TPIs and sub-brokers that streamlines the current pricing process and eliminates contract complications. The basic product carries zero implementation fees, API fees, or subscription fees.

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Our TPIs are able to use our service to price and submit contracts at the click of a button. CONNECT not only ensures any pricing requested by a broker is time accurate, it also provides added prominence over your competitors.

And Then There’s CONNECT+

Price is a vital aspect of any quote but when there's a negligible difference, our TPIs will choose based on ‘best traits’.

With CONNECT+ you can present your best traits both through our website and throughout the procurement process.

Our Vision

We’re driven to offer a service that provides full automation between end users, TPIs and Suppliers. Interaction with suppliers is still extremely manual, it combines to create inefficient and data-risky processes, with duplicate data being used multiple times.

To resolve this, we’re now thrilled to offer free unlimited connections from TPI to supplier with CONNECT.

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