You've probably seen it - we're a rather self-deprecating team. We’re proud of what we do, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

When a customer proclaims to us about how great our software has been for them, we'll usually politely thank them and never publicly utter it aloud again.

Well, today we make a rare exception...

Ohio-based procurement experts, Statistical Energy recently told us about the staggering amount of money we've helped them save and even with our self-deprecating British hats on (bowler of course), we felt compelled to share.

Take a look at what they said:

“UtilityClick has been a lifesaver for our energy brokerage business. When we started working with them in 2021, we were one of their first clients in the USA and they have been much better than the prior energy broker CRM company which we worked with in the US.

They have helped save us over $100,000 in missed commission dollars over the years and their system is always the first place we go when we get a commission-related question from one of our partners, suppliers or sales reps.

Whenever we want to have them add a reporting capability that makes sense for everyone, they are always willing to help develop it for the benefit of our company and the rest of their USA customer base.

We cannot say enough good things about UtilityClick."

Jim Risk

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