Direct and Indirect Channel

Suppliers, the times they are a changing.

Lockdowns, Volatile Markets, Legislative Schemes. We have portals ready to go to get you ready for the new energy world!

A Forward-Thinking Transparent Portal...

Brand It Your Way

Your very own white-labelled customer portal with user experience in mind! This is no standard portal. This is your portal. Completely customisable to what you stand for and what you want your customers to see.

Your Brand for Your customers...

Custom Development

Whatever your corporate identity, OUR smart energy software can be YOUR smart energy software.

Reduce Your

Cost To Serve

Your direct sales channel is growing. Your TPIs demand first class support. Our portals reduce telephone calls, reduce risky emails and increase efficiency with task management tools for optimum customer management.

Better Query Management...

A triple threat. Become leaner, reduce risk and be more efficient all at the same time. Open up a better dialogue with your TPIs, increase their reliance on your services and present transparent upselling opportunities under one roof.

Show Your True Value

You want to show how you are different to other suppliers. Now you can. Help your direct customers buy and reduce their energy better. Help your TPIs to submit contracts to you and automate status flows, data access and commission payments.

Manage Contract Renewals.

Present Useful Reporting

...That's also beautiful.

The energy landscape is changing

It’s more than just about getting the best price. It’s about all the other things you do as a supplier that makes you great. Your customer portal is ready! Get in touch for your own demo!

It's Time To Put Your Cape On...

Get A Super hero

A Super hero

Customer Portal

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