How does it work?

Receive email notification

You’ll receive notifications from brokers that have issued a custom pricing request to you.

Login and upload prices

You'll be prompted to log in to your own bespoke branded portal. Here you'll have the option to price individually or bulk import your quotes.

Get clear, concise feedback

The brokerage in question will receive your quote directly within their own portal. Once a winner has been chosen you'll receive feedback, including the price variant from the winning bid.

Who are we?...

We are an independent software company that creates energy management tools for suppliers and energy brokers.

We were born in 2015 from our frustration with current energy broker software solutions. We knew we could do better and we have.

Our software allows our customers to progress leads, issue pricing requests, track commission, validate bills and so much more.

More importantly for you, UtilityClick gives you, the supplier, a simpler way to engage with brokers on pricing day and receive automated pricing feedback.

Why are we different?

We are not a broker and we are not an aggregator. We are a software company and are entirely independent. We have no supplier allegiances and have never taken a single cent’s worth of commission from any deal.

We are completely unbiased in our approach, focussed entirely on building great software.