How do


cook your potato waffles?

If you listened to the latest Energy Waffle podcast you will have heard that we inadvertently stumbled into what we think could be a potential green issue.

Toasting our waffles saves a considerable amount more energy over the more conventional conventional oven (iterative pun intended).

Crunching the numbers:

On the back of a packet...
Instructions from the back of a packet of waffles dictate you can either pop them in the toaster for 5 minutes or oven at 220degrees for 15 minutes.
A standard toaster needs considerably less power than an oven. What's more, the oven needs a good 5 minutes to preheat, making the potential oven cooking time 4 times as long!
Even without factoring in preheat time, we estimate the power difference to be 525 wh.
If we then assume that around half of all waffles are cooked in the oven (estimated to be around 5,000,000) then we've got...
A total of
1,312,500 kWh
wasted every year!

(Every great campaign needs a great poster)

Is this a joke?

Ok, so there is of course a good bit of levity with all of this... but there is an important point here too.

We as an industry talk a lot about the importance of climate change but do we take enough individual responsibility? As well as championing the latest green trends, could we also collaborate creatively to spark alternative solutions?

Energy management will undoubtedly become a massive part of all our roles over the coming years, so spending some time and energy (no pun intended this time) on our own initiatives can only put us (and our customers) in good stead for the future.

If each of us here derives a campaign that could potentially save the world 1,312,500 kWh, then surely that could have a massive positive impact on our world?


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