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    UtilityClick Presents CONNECT


    Suppliers, Get In Front of 250+ TPIs

    CONNECT provides an integration with TPIs and sub-brokers that streamlines the current pricing process and eliminates contract complications. The basic product carries zero implementation fees, API fees, or subscription fees.

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    Our TPIs are able to use our service to price and submit contracts at the click of a button. CONNECT not only ensures any pricing requested by a broker is time accurate, it also provides added prominence over your competitors.

    And Then There’s CONNECT+

    Price is a vital aspect of any quote but when there's a negligible difference, our TPIs will choose based on ‘best traits’.

    With CONNECT+ you can present your best traits both through our website and throughout the procurement process.

    Our Vision

    We’re driven to offer a service that provides full automation between end users, TPIs and Suppliers. Interaction with suppliers is still extremely manual, it combines to create inefficient and data-risky processes, with duplicate data being used multiple times.

    To resolve this, we’re now thrilled to offer free unlimited connections from TPI to supplier with CONNECT.

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      The only good bug is a dead bug

      You may have seen the BBC article discussing how Public Health England used Excel to track coronavirus cases with disastrous consequences.
      Although it’s easy to blame those filthy bugs, it’s actually the choice of software that’s at fault.
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      The BBC interviewed data expert Jon Crowcroft (a professor at the University of Cambridge), who had this to say:

      "Excel was always meant for people mucking around with a bunch of data for their small company to see what it looked like, and then when you need to do something more serious, you build something bespoke that works."

      Managing customer and supplier data for your brokerage is much the same. When you’re starting out, Excel offers a good value solution but it won’t be long before you’ll need to step up your game.
      You’ll need something specialist, something powerful. Something to eradicate those user-flow bugs.
      We've done our part...
      That’s exactly why at UtilityClick we’ve built you your very own bespoke CRM.
      With our Pro CRM you can:
      Upload Leads, manage call-backs, then track and convert into Customers. Once they’re onboarded you can generate mass pricing quotes, manage multi-site locations and forecast your commission, all from one powerful system.
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